Five Benefits of Blogging

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The blog is central to content marketing

Why blog?  After all, blogging requires time and effort.  As an on the go entrepreneur, both of those things are at a premium.  However, it’s the cornerstone of establishing your website as the online hub for your business.

While it’s important to participate on other online platforms, establishing a presence you actually own is essential.  Your blog is the critical piece in your online marketing effort.

Here are five proven benefits of finding the time and effort to launch a consistent blogging effort

1) It generates business. According to Hubspot research, 82% of companies who properly execute a blogging strategy gain business from it.

2)  More businesses are finding that Inbound Marketing – blogging, social media, Search Engine Optimization and lead nurturing that turns website visitors into customers – is more cost effective that traditional marketing (outbound) efforts.

3) Your blog creates a personality for your business and connects you as a person, not just another vendor. This is critical, no matter whether you sell a professional service or a commodity product. Whether you sell business to business or direct to the consumer, all business is really done person to person.

4)  Blogging enhances your reputation as a valuable resource for your readers. It creates the “know, like and trust” factor that is critical for any successful business transaction.  Even if you operate your business primarily online, regular contact with prospects through your blog and other social media can give them a sense of you as a person.

5) Last but not least, a consistent blogging effort that incorporates wisely chosen keywords will create visibility in Google and other search engines. Blogging generates more pages that can be indexed by the search engines.  High quality content will generate inbound links from other websites.

There are additional benefits to blogging, but these are the Top Five.  Starting a blog and generating a stream of quality content requires planning and effort.  However, when you understand all of the benefits of having a blog you’ll want to get started.

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