What is inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the art and science of positioning your company to be found when potential clients are looking for you, capturing their contact information and nurturing them through the sales process.

Quite simply Inbound Marketing uses:

  • Keyword Strategy to get your site found by Google and other Search Engines
  • Website Optimization for on page SEO
  • Blogging to attract the attention of search engines
  • Social Media sites, based on your target market, to distribute content
  • Opt-in offers to capture contact information
  • Lead nurturing with email marketing
  • Analysis to refine and improve results

Why do I need Inbound Marketing?

The wide availability of internet access, on everything from desktop to laptop to cell phones, put the buyer in charge of where, when and how they consume information.  Almost 90% of purchase decisions made in the US today start with a web search – this includes everything from apples to Xerox.

Inbound Marketing puts you in the position to “get found” when your potential buyer is look for your product or service.

Who benefits from Inbound Marketing?

If you

    • have a product or service that buyers gather information about before making a purchase
    • compete on factors other than price
    • are interested in developing leads that more easily convert to sales

you can benefit from Inbound Marketing.