10 Blogging Inspirations

14November 2014

While there’s no hard and fast rule for the ideal blogging schedule, a successful blog will need to be updated regularly.

After all, one of the benefits of blogging is to signal the search engines that the site is active and generating material that will be of interest to people searching for the most up to date information.

To help you keep generating useful content, here are 10 ideas for creating blog posts that will interest your readers.

1. Give in depth answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Most business have a consistent list of questions that prospects will ask before they become clients.  Create useful blog posts that answer them.

2. Ask your customers for feedback. Send out a short survey your customers. The answers you receive can become blog posts.

3. Share news stories. Set up a Google Alert to find the latest news developments in your industry, and blog about them.

4. Invite guest bloggers.  Clients, vendors and colleagues from other areas of your business can bring value to readers and a new perspective to your blog.

5. Create a “How To” Post.  Teach your blog readers how to do something related to your business.

6. Write about your industry expertise. Share a recent experience you had, perhaps at a tradeshow or other industry event.

7. Answer questions from your inbox. Go through your email to look for questions and share the answers in a blog post.

8. Review videos. Find a video on YouTube that would provide value to your readers.  Write a review of the video. YouTube supplies code that will imbed the video into your blog posts.

9.  Share a cautionary tale.  Find a news item about something your readers need to avoid, and show them how.

10.  Celebrate success. Create a case study featuring a success story from a customer or local business.

If you are attuned to it, inspiration is everywhere.  Keep a small notebook or use the recording app on your smart phone to make notes about things you see that would make good blog posts.  You might even take a photo to include when you write the post.

Where do you find inspiration for your blogging?

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