5 Ways to Engage Your Twitter Followers

21November 2014

Twitter is a smaller network than Facebook, but it fills a specific niche in social media.  It’s a “broadcasting” tool.  Twitter gives you the ability to attract followers you don’t know. Use it meet new people, connect with influencers and spread your message.  You never know when what you say on Twitter will be seen by someone with a huge following.  If that happens and they share your tweet, the tweet could go viral. Here are five ways to engage your Twitter followers and position yourself for generating engagement and more connections.

  1. If you craft awesome Tweets, you never know when what you say will become viral. The 140 character limit imposed by Twitter means you’re forced to keep it short. You have just a few characters to get someone to click and inspire them to share your Tweet. Consider if what you are writing makes sense to your followers, and if it will entice them to take action.
  1. URL shorteners allow you to shorten links to your content so they don’t take up the space you need for eye catching headlines. If you use WordPress there are plugins that will help you automatically shorten your URLs. There are other opts like bit.ly and goo.gl that shorten your link and have tracking tools, too. By shortening URLs you give yourself more space for the headlines plus since a lot of it is automated you’ll be able to share links faster with your followers.
  1. Create polls using a website like Pollowers to ask your followers a question. Your poll will automatically be shared with your followers, and when they answer it’s shared with their followers via an option to re-tweet the poll. Try it, and you might be surprised at the conversation you get started and the traffic you generate.
  1. Want to see how many of your Twitter followers will become customers if you send out a coupon? You can easily find out by creating a coupon on twtqpon.com. Coupons can be used for online business or brick and mortar locations.
  1. You can use tools like OneKontest or WooBox to create contests to engage with your followers. You can use #hashtags, photos, or trivia to inspire your audience to interact with your Tweets and share with their followers. It’s not hard to do and no special coding is needed. Let your imagination run wild!

By incorporating engaging and interactive ways to use Twitter, you and your followers will have fun, you will increase your following and deepen your relationship. Twitter is an effective platform for connecting with followers outside of your current sphere of influence.

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