Five blogs to read: my recommendations

17July 2018

blog recommendationsSo many blog’s, so little time! If you are frustrated, overwhelmed and bewildered by the choices, here are five blogs  to read that will be worth your time.

Deciding which blogs to read on a regular basis is a challenge. There are is a lot of great content available. However, reading without a focus or a plan can have you spending too many hours reading cool stuff and ending up the day having produced nothing. On the other hand, you need to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world of small business and blogs are a great way to do so.

Here’s a list of the five blogs I read on a regular basis and why.

1) Connie Ragen Green’s blog, I have participated in many of Connie’s programs and am currently part of her Online Marketing Incubator She is the real deal, and I read her blog regularly.

2) Neil Patel, is who I read to find out what’s next in marketing on the internet. Like Connie, he tells it like it is. A serial entrepreneur, he is a wealth of information gained from being in the trenches of growing a business from the ground up.

3)  is a resource for learning what’s new in the world of social media marketing from many experts. In addition to the blog, you can listen to podcasts, watch video, participate in events and receive in-depth, original research about the rapidly changing world of social media.

4) is a site for progressive business leaders who are shaping the future of business. Need I say more?

5) This blog has articles that are relevant to me as a small business owner and my clients as well. Management, marketing, technology and finance are covered in articles by contributors and sponsors. They are the sponsors of the annual Small Business Book Awards.

There are other things I read, but these blogs have proven to be a reliable source of information that relates to me, my business and my clients.

My primary goals for blog reading are:

  • Keep up to date on what’s happening in the world of small business marketing
  • Looking for valuable information to share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Learning about businesses and entrepreneurs that are making an impact in the world

What blogs do you read, and why?

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