What is local business marketing?

Local Business Marketing is the art and science of being there when your ideal client is looking for you.

Your next client IS looking for you – searching Google or using a Social Media platform to find reviews of local service providers.

The wide availability of internet access, on everything from desktop to laptop to cell phones, put the buyer in charge of where, when and how they consume information.  Almost 90% of purchase decisions made in the US today start with a web search – this includes everything from apples to Xerox.

That means that, in addition to tried and true methods of connecting your local business with local clients, you now have the power of a huge array of digital tools at your disposal.

Sadly, having too many choices brings its own problem: how to choose and use the tools that you need, while keeping focused on your business.

In addition to tried and true traditional marketing, businesses today can multiply and amplify their results with technology. Crafting and implementing a plan for connecting with your ideal client, both in person and online, can magnify the impact of your marketing activities.

You need to connect with your ideal client, capturing their contact information and nurturing them through the sales process by positioning you as their trusted advisor and resource in your area of expertise.

That’s why you need a Local Business Marketing expert who has the skills, knowledge and experience to manage your marketing effort so you can manage your business.