Your Blogging Fortune: Persistence Pays

10November 2014

Blogging fortuneRecently, I wrote a blog post about the importance of finding a purpose for your blogging efforts.  When you know your purpose, generating ideas for engaging your readers becomes much easier.

Another road block to a successful blogging effort is the feeling that you are writing, writing, writing and nothing is really happening.  Your blog stats are dismal, or practically nonexistent. You are in despair because you feel that your efforts are in vain.

I understand the feeling.  I’ve been there. This seems like an appropriate time to share some ancient Chinese wisdom.

Many years ago, I was at a Chinese buffet with a group of friends.  We were finishing our meal and reading our fortune cookies.  I opened mine.  It was empty.  Seeing the disappointment on my face, one of my friends gave me their fortune cookie.

I opened it, hopeful that ancient Chinese wisdom would be revealed.  It was empty.  Though I’m not a superstitious person, this was a little unsettling.  It was a too much like an episode of The Twilight Zone I’d just seen on late night television – the one where a man ceases to exist because all of his recorded evidence of his life has been erased.  Was the fortune cookie failing to predict my future because I had none????

Fortunately, another generous friend gave me his fortune cookie.  I held it with trepidation.  Would a third empty fortune cookie reveal that I was doomed?  That I had no future ahead of me?

My heart was pounding as I carefully cracked the fortune cookie.  All eyes were on me.  I was happy to see the bright white strip of paper appear between the halves of the cookie.  Before breathing a final sigh of relief, I read the words of ancient Chinese wisdom aloud: persistence pays.

I offer you these words of wisdom about blogging.  Many times, it feels like you are performing to an empty theater. That is, sadly, because you probably are.  Growing your blog readership takes time and effort.

Fortunately, there are simple things to do that will spread the word about your blog. Here are three actions to take every time you blog so that you build up a base of regular readers eager for your words of wisdom:

1)      Share your blog on your social media sites.  Pick several platforms and post on a consistent basis.  There are plugins that will automate the process.

2)      Send your most recent post to your email subscribers.  Most email services providers have a RSS to email feature that will create automatically generate an email when you post to your blog.

3)       Always ask for a comment in your blog post itself, when you post on social media, and when you send out your emails.

Persistence pays, especially when you persistently do the simple things that will yield results.

What successes, and failures, have you had in growing your blog readership?


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